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Furniture 5553 Cookie Slice Coffee Table, Michael Barr



"Cookie" Coffee Table which is a full slice through a tree. It's approximately 6 inches thick and comes from a Cedar tree.

The top has been sanded, lacquered and polished to provide a beautiful but also hard wearing surface finish.

As you can see, the cookie has split during the drying process and the crack filled with glow in the dark blue epoxy. The wood may still move over time depending on the heat and humidity of its surroundings and more smaller cracks will form part of the character of the piece over the years to come.

The base is made from 22mm copper pipe which has been filled with sand to provide a weighted, stable structure. The lower horizontal tubes have been left to patina and the upper limbs have been polished to show the various effects that can be achieved depending on your personal choice and your room decor.

This is a one of a kind piece, hand made from start to finish.