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Furniture 5556 Solid Ash Lighting with Bronze Gilding, MISEhandmade



A piece of functional art in solid Ash. (All wood is sustainably sourced)

The gilding is real silver and coloured bronze.

The carvings are Neolithic inspired and on the underside of the piece to reflect the placement of some engravings within tombs.

All pieces are glues, screwed and the visible securing screws are covered with oak dowel plugs. It has been finished in a mix of clear and dark oak waxes to being out the beautiful grain of the wood.

"The designs from the entrance or kerbstones at the Neolithic passage tomb at Newgrange, Co Meath are decorated with megalithic art. This has been the source of inspiration for my own engraved designs. I decided in a light to reflect the Winter Solstice when the passage and chamber are lit by the rising sun. "

(PAT tested and LED bulb is included)